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individual homestucks part 4! that’s the last of them; I have a few pics from photoshoots too that I may or may not put up

names in the captions if I know them; if you see yourself/anyone you know and want to be identified here, let me know!

More quality

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So finally the photos uploaded onto photobucket. Here are the photos I took at the 3:14 Homestuck Photoshoot Friday at Otakon.

A link to the 3:14 Homestuck friday Shoot’s album. 

hoot/*A Note about this photoshoot. I did not stay the entire time or get the best photos this time around because I came to this shoot actually really close to heat exhaustion/dehydration so my hands which already have diagnosed tremors shook even more. These were the un-blurry pics. I also left not even half-way through so here are the ones I did take.

Also the image photos here are some of the ones I really, really liked. Especially that one with ashley/seerofsarcasm.

Oh my god yes I love that picture of my Kanaya! First one ive seen, too c: I can finally start collecting them on my computer.

aahhh, those red miles too xD

you’re a great Kanaya!

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Otakon 2012, Baltimore Maryland Attention

Homestuck cosplayers! Providing our submission is accepted, panda-hiiro, kitty-maru and I will be hosting a fashion show at Otakon to showcase the amazing side of Homestuck cosplay. We will be handling all coordination of the event, but we need cosplayers to participate. We DO NOT have confirmation from Otakon yet, so please reblog this even if you aren’t a cosplayer as we need as much exposure as possible. The more support we can get now, the more likely we are to make this happen.

Our goal is to expose the creative talent in the Homestuck cosplay fandom. We are looking for:

  • Outstanding, finished costumes
  • Any Homestuck character, canon costume or fan interpretation of canon characters
  • No “fan” or human trolls, please. While in-costume you have to be immediately recognizable as your character
  • If you use an artist’s design please contact them for permission
  • We will not be accepting any t-shirt and jeans costumes, as we intend to showcase creativity and craftsmanship
  • We do not need your measurements. We are looking for models of all shapes and sizes! As long as you have an awesome costume and you can wear it with style, we would love to have you submit.
  • We may also be on the look-out for technical support, depending on what Otakon provides
  • Questions can be sent to

For the moment, we just want to get the word out and generate interest. Hopefully we will have a LOT of participants. Shortly we will put out a formal list of requirements and deadlines, as well as an e-mail address for submissions, provided there is interest in the event.

Thank you all!

Oh man, I want in on this. <3 

Well, now I have to get Andrew to put Pascal in the comic before Otakon.

Reblogging because wow I know tons of people who’d probably want to do this!

Also, I suppose I should start seeing if there’s more artists who want to make things for the Sartrollialist.

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